With that being said, please join our adventures with the Jersey Outlaw Offshore Race team.  We are introducing our Second Offshore boat this 2017 Season.  It's a 1997 29' Larry Smith Scarab, Super Vee Light, powered by an 800HP, single Chevrolet Big Block.  We are remaining in Class 4, the 85 MPH limited, bracket class.  We have raced that Class since our 2010 debut in our 1993 31' Scarab Flat-Deck Viper.  

The guys in the boat are Joey Meglino and Steve Adams.  Both racers began their boat racing in South Jersey, running their own traditional Race Garveys.  Garveys are approximately 17' long with Flat Bottoms, Chevrolet Small Block engines, capable of speeds exceeding 75 MPH.  After years of competing at the local level, Joey and Steve entered the world of Offshore Racing with their first boat in 2010.  And now, 2017 marks the second chapter of their Offshore career with the introduction of the new race boat. 

Yes, I'm the Boring, Basics Guy when it comes to Everything about Firearms/Defense/Offense Training! That is the way we all get better.  I do, However, have other ways to enjoy our gift of life.  Between my Family, Friends and extra activities like racing, our lives are full! So Train True, Simple, Hard - Hug ALL Your Loved Ones Every Day, and Smile! 

Welcome to Jersey OUTLAW