Welcome to Jersey OUTLAW

Our Services Include - Working with Government Entities and Civilians to ensure the best possible performance when responding to Use of Force scenarios.                                                                  1) Hands-On Evaluation Process of Your Training/Experience Level, Equipment, Defensive/Offensive and Firearms Proficiency.        2) Develop Training/Re-Training Program to Optimize Individual Performance by Perfecting the Basics.                                                                3) Provide Future Disciplines to Keep Your Perishable Skills Their Sharpest.                                                                                                                *Instruct All SWAT Team Functions - Threat Identification, Raid Planning, Job Approach, Team Movements, Arrest, Exit, Debrief Afterward, Admin/Bookkeeping.                                       *Crisis Entry Team, Hostage Rescue, Barricaded Subject(s)                                           *Instruct/Lecture, Specific Training Aspects of Active Shooter Response to civilians/executives/administrators/students on how to respond when an Active Shooter violently enters the room in which You are located.               *Law Enforcement Training Programs to Respond to Active Shooter Scenarios different, and Better, from the Mainstream.

I keep my teaching/consulting schedule private.  Please contact me through this site if you have any questions.  Thank You